Security Tips

Security Tips Albany Ga1. Keep your Safe Security Sign in FRONT of your shrubs and your window decal high enough to be seen over your landscaping. This will encourage most burglars to keep moving on.

2. Have a family plan for evacuation and a meeting place outside, in the event of a fire.

3. Remove your GPS system from plain site, so that if your car is stolen, they can’t trace back to HOME and then use your garage door opener to get in.

4. Do not identify people on your cell phone memory as hubby, home, sweety, etc. Should your purse get stolen, they now have your charge cards and bank cards. One thief actually TEXTED the husband and asked what their PIN number was so they could withdraw cash at the ATM. Any Text msgs. asking for this kind of information should prompt a VOICE CALL.

5. If you are on vacation, carry an extra wallet with a few dollars in it, and give THAT wallet to the robber. This tip is for men and women alike!

6. Should someone knock on your door and say they have hit your car or a pet, before you open the door, tell them thank you, and that you are calling the police before you come out. This will usually scare off the intruder before he tries to force his way inside.

7. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with your bank, IRS, etc and they ask you for your personal information or your social security number, ask them why they don’t already have that information on their computer. Never give that information out unless YOU are calling your bank and they ask you to verify you are who you say you are.